Saturday, 29 September 2012

My week in pictures. October school holidays week 1. Love Instagram

Miss H is not going to give me a smile this evening!  Cheeky!
Early evening walk along the beach on Friday night.  It has been the most humid day of spring so far and the breeze on the waters edge was just amazing!!  I think I might be down there every evening when summer arrives.
He just adores his baby sis.  I've only just got used to him carrying her around without feeling totally on edge that she might get dropped on her head.

Getting their toes wet!  Early evening fun - only allowed when there is no school in the morning
Picnic under the trees at Clontarf
My little beach bubba!
I'd be pushing her for hours if she had her way
Monkeys!  I should have left them at the zoo!
A bunch of crazies!
Still climbing

One of my favourite walks with Miss L

Watching the sun rise over the ocean just before a 6am training class.  It makes the pain so worthwhile

School holiday craft!  I am not a fan of paining at home I must admit - I have to take deep breaths to overlook the mess.

Such big blue eyes

Master J and I coming home on the bus after a surf!  (well, he surfed - I watched).

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