Thursday, 6 September 2012


In simple English – 12 week body transformation!!  Sounds great, doesn’t it?  Does it work?? – God I hope so!!

So it’s been three months now since Lexi-Rose was born and I still feel like a complete jelly baby (a rather large one at that!).  With my busy schedule and three little kids, getting to the gym is not as simple as it used to be.   AND I have a terrible weakness for chocolate!  Oh and wine!  Unless something drastic happens I am never going to loose this extra 10kg of fat that seems to want to be my best friend at the moment.  I tried doing a bit of DIY exercise and following a few iphone apps.  Remember “The Shredder??  Nothing at all seemed to be working and with summer fast approaching I’m starting to get frustrated.  I think my self-discipline could be called into question too, if I’m totally honest.

This is me before I started a 'real' fitness program
Anyway, one evening over dinner (pizza!  You see my problem?), one of my lovely girlfriends stated that she was starting the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation Program!  “What the hell is that?” I thought, slightly intrigued.  As I still don’t watch much Australian TV (I’m a BBC girl), I had no idea who ‘Michelle Bridges’ was or what she does.  For those of you in the darkness like me, she is one of the fitness trainers on “The Biggest Loser”.  A reality TV show where overweight contestants are put through a huge range of torturous activities and healthy eating plans to see who can loose the most weight and transform their lives. 

After reading a few forums and doing some google searches, it seemed that this transformation might actually work!!!  Sooo……I signed up! (after spending some time convincing Mr D that this REALLY was a miracle diet and that I REALLY needed all the help I could get!!). 

12WBT (have a look for yourself)

For the next 12 weeks I am totally in the hands of Michelle and I vow to do exactly as she says.  After all, I have to prove to Mr D that it REALLY is a miracle diet and that, NO it’s totally NOT a waste of money!!  I log on and find that there are a series of pre-diet tasks that you have to do.  I roll my eyes slightly and think to myself “honestly, who actually does these?” But I stick to my vow and off I go….

She does a few video lectures about getting motivated and not making any excuses for the fact that no diet has ever worked before.  Mmmmmm suddenly she is talking about me!!!  Maybe I had better pay attention…

Next she says to go through the kitchen cupboards and the fridge and throw out EVERYTHING that is not diet friendly.  So out goes most of the breakfast cereals, sauces, snacks etc.  Clearly I needed this kick up the backside.  The kids just think mum has lost the plot and there is much giggling going on as packets and bottles fly into the bin.  I can see Mr D guarding his beer collection – he looks a bit terrified that they might end up in the bin too!

Finally, she says to do a fitness test, measure your vital statistics, weigh yourself and then take a ‘before’ photo!  I came out in the ‘medium’ category for fitness, which I was pretty chuffed with – however I failed the ‘sit-up’ test miserably.  I am yet to find my abs, they seem to have totally disappeared (Oh dear).

Weight and measurements were horrifying!!  And don’t even ask me about the ‘before’ photo!  Remember I mentioned feeling like a jelly baby??  Well, it appears that I actually am one!!   I thought about posting my photo up here for a bit of extra motivation!!  Might still do it – if I can pluck up the courage!!

I am still following Michelle’s daily recipes and all food is now viewed in calories, rather than taste or appeal. (I should clarify that her meal’s are actually surprising tasty but there is just no room for “a little chocolate’ any more)  I have eaten more carrots in the last 10 days than I have in my life and cottage cheese and a rumbly tummy are my new best friends.  I have also joined a personal training group, which trains on the beach opposite my house (how lovely does that sound????  Well, believe me when I say it -  the words ‘beach run’ have developed a whole new meaning for me).  Don't worry I do know know how lucky I am to have that almost on my doorstep!

This is a 'beach run'.  It involves running all the way to the sea and then back up again x3 - in between each weight and cardio section!  PURE TORTURE!

The result so far:  I have lost 2.8kg!  YAY – GO ME!!!!

To be continued…………

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