Saturday, 15 September 2012

Bedtime Blogging

After a typical day of Nanny Mummying, where I have heard the word ‘Mum or Muuuuum or MUMMMEEEE” at least 1000 times, I’ve undone and re-done 3 sets of seat belts at least 10 times, I’ve negotiated my way through at least 3 toddler wars, I’ve picked up the same set of lego blocks off the floor at least twice and this is only by lunch time!!  So when bedtime arrives I cannot wait to snuggle up under the duvet with my favorite gadget – my kindle!  I just love getting stuck into a good book, but the only problem I have these days is trying to find the time to finish them.

Since creating my own blog, I have started to do more and more research into the world of blogging and I can honestly say I feel like Alice in Wonderland – escaping down a rabbit hole into a whole new world.  The wonderful thing about finding a good blog to follow is that they are just short stories.   Unlike reading a full novel, you can always finish them in one sitting, without having that painful wait until the next bedtime, before you can sit down in peace for the for the next installment of the same story.

I have now swapped my beloved kindle for an ipad and it is equally as addictive.  What I love about bedtime blog reading is that there is something for everyone and one blog can easily lead you to another and another.  I love it when an email pings onto my phone telling me that there is a new update on my favourite blog.  I can even read them on the go……often whilst sitting in the school playground at 10 past 3 waiting for Master J to finish his “quick play”.

There is one particular blog that I wanted to share with you.  It is called Indieberries and it is written by Che Kershaw.  A few weeks back she wrote about her recent engagement and it is quite possibly one of the most romantic stories I have ever read.  It will make you laugh out loud and make your eyes well up with tears.  It is an absolute MUST read and it starts like this:

To read the full post (and you MUST) click here:

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  1. I love your blog Robyn, it fun and you paint such vivid pictures with words. It enables us to view our daily lives through different lens.

  2. Thank you for the kind comment and indieberries love! i know EXACTLY what you mean about the blog world rabbit hole.... eeeep!!! :)

  3. I love reading blogs before bed too and the Ipad or Iphone makes it so easy to read a new blog post. Going to check out this blog you have suggested. I love a good romantic story. :)


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