Friday, 31 May 2013

May in pictures! Love Instagram

It's the first proper day of Winter today (in the southern hemisphere anyway) and the sky is enormous! And perfectly blue for as far as the eye can see.  It's also 23 degrees outside!!  Yes, 23 degrees!!!  I promise never ever to complain about winter again!  Oh and it's also whale season in Sydney where the beautiful hump backs make their way to warmer waters swimming literally right past our house!  I haven't seen one yet, but I am so excited!!

Like the rest of this year, May has gone by in a flash and I don't think I've posted one instagram photo!!  So here is a round up.  I had to choose my favourites as I have just taken far too many to post in one place - and I would hate to bore you all silly!!  You could always follow me on instagram at mrsdbplus3 if you want to see them all.
chocolate Friday
Master J is allowed to have chocolate spread on his sandwiches for school on a Friday only and of course Miss H is now old enough to tell me that "it's not fair!!!"  So now the tradition has spread to the girls too.  Little Miss L was VERY happy with hers.

I absolutely CANNOT resist proteas.  They are just the most beautiful flowers ever!  My Granddad has a farm in South Africa where he grows them and there is nothing more amazing than walking through rows and rows of these spectacular plants.  They were my wedding flowers too (from grandpa's farm of course) so there is a bit sentimentality there for me!  I saw these in a coffee shop in the city and was tempted to smuggle them home.
My little lady is growing up too fast!  She has gone from refusing to look at the camera, to asking me to take pictures of her every five minutes.  I don't know which one is worse!!
Just too cute! 
My favourite spot
Watching Dad Go-karting!!
My drive to and from Master J's school never gets old!!  The ocean looks different every day - and you never know, I might see my first whale of the season from up here!
My darling little niece started eating solids this month.  I wish I could see her for reals!!
How beautiful is this autumn light?
Multi tasking at it's best!
The double rainbow ends right in Master J's bedroom - or so he thought!!

I made this pink rainbow cake for Miss L's birthday at our local playgroup.  I got the recipe from Retro Mummy.  It wasn't as tricky as I thought it would be and I actually quite enjoyed making it.  I'll have to do it again one day to perfect it.  Her tip to put the cake in the fridge for an hour between each layer of icing was brilliant!! 
What kid doesn't love a dad swing?

Watching the waves!  Miss L and I walk to the beach every day to get some fresh air.  I think she loves it as much as I do.

Well that's it - a bit of a random selection really, but I had fun taking them all.  

Happy June everyone.  Half way through the year already.  I hope it's a great month! xxx


  1. Thanks for linking up! What a gorgeous family you have. I especially love that first pic of chocolate Friday :-)

    1. Ah thank you Janet! Not the healthiest of lunches - but what can you do??? zz

  2. Love the photos. Those little pink first shoes are adorable and that cake looks so delicious!

    1. Thank you! I really need to stop baking cakes - it's so not good for my diet!! xx

  3. I love the rainbows! You must love taking pictures. And I think it really provides an insight into how other people see this world. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  4. That is so true Judy. I think I love looking at other peoples photos as I am taking my own. It really is all about how we 'view' the world and its amazing how much you can learn from just a picture xx

  5. I caught some of these photos on Instagram, but not all of them! They are awesome pictures. I'm an absolute lover of flowers and that flower arrangement was simple, yet stunning!

  6. Die Bilder sind echt schön. Mit Instagram kann man schon tolle Bilder machen. Nutze es mittlerweile auch nur noch.


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