Thursday, 30 May 2013

A VERY first Birthday

This week my baby turned ONE!!!!

I really debated about having a third child.  Was I doing the right thing? Would I have enough love to go around?  Could we afford it?  Would it make us outnumbered as parents?  Could I cope with three children with no family around for support?  But no matter how many 'if' and 'buts' swirled around in my head, my heart was always sure.  Eventually I let my heart win and I will be FOREVER thankful that I did, as none of us would be complete without our beautiful, cute as a button, little Miss L.

I have to be honest and admit that I am still 'processing' that fact that my baby is ONE!!  Somedays I really wish I could freeze time and she could stay little forever (actually there are moments when I feel a bit like that with all of them).
A little overwhelmed with all the pressies
We started the day off a little jaded (well Mr D and I did) as our poor little one year old kept us up half the night with 'ouchy' teeth.  The big two top ones are pushing through and they are really causing her some pain.  Nothing some pressies couldn't fix though!!  Master J and Miss H were so good and they let her do most of the unwrapping.  (Of course the birthday fairy did bring them both a little something too).
I just love that smile.
We haven't had a birthday party yet as mummy isn't organised enough, but dad took us all out for a birthday dinner instead.  By the time we left there NO CAKE LEFT!!
Birthday girl in the middle


  1. Congratulations! It goes so quickly doesn't it?

    1. Too quickly! It seem to go even faster with each child! xxx

  2. Happy birthday beautiful girl!

  3. I love a good cake smash and she looks like she had the best time! Happy birthday gorgeous!

    1. Haha - she had a very determined look on her face and was NOT happy when we took it away xx


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