Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Third week in Feb. Love Instagram!

I had a very bad start to last week when my beloved iphone was literally run over by a bus!!  I was doing my best at trying to do too many things at once (something that I do all too often and it almost always ends in disaster - when will I learn???)  Anyway whilst trying to find my keys at the bottom of my bag, manoeuvre the pram with one arm (because Miss L was insisting on being carried), trying to get the kids across the road safety AND attempting to end a slightly stressed out phone call with Mr D..........I put the phone down on the bonnet of the car,  FORGOT ABOUT IT, and drove off!!!

The rest is history I guess!!!

I could have cried!!  (in fact I really, nearly almost did)

Mr D wanted me to pick him up from the bus stop and as I went to call him to find out where he was, I realised in horror what I had done!  My heart dropped down to my toes  and I silently cursed my stupidity.

On the bright side (if there is one) and rather amazing, Mr D managed to track the phone with that fancy iphone tracker thingy and he found it lying on the road about 5 miles away!!  Not looking very happy - but working just enough for me to suck off all of my data!

It took a whole week before I got my replacement (thank you Apple for the repairs) and I think we both suffered a little.  Me - well, I just don't know how I ever lived without a phone!  Painful!  Is the best way I can describe it and poor Mr D got a few extra silver hairs added to his collection (which is really not that bad for a man anyway - kind of distinguished I think).

Instagram was back!  And just in time for a perfect beach weekend!

A mouth full of sand!! (and not me!!)

This is what she thought of me when I said no to an ice-cream!  She might not thank me for it, but she does have the cutest 'grumpy' face!!

Three little mermaids on the beach

Sunday swim club.  It was a spectacular day for it.

More beach fun!

Well that's it I'm afraid!  I am already doing so much better this week - my camera has been on overdrive......making up for lost time!

Anyone else had any phone disasters??  (oh and did I mention that my phone was only 1 month old!!!  Hence Mr D's silver hair increase).

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