Thursday, 17 January 2013

A photo a day for January. Part 1

The lovely Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim (a great blog by the way - you should definitely check it out) runs a little Instagram challenge every month.  At the beginning of every month she posts a list of words or titles and every day you have to take a picture using Instagram that is relative to that "word". Then all you have to do is link it up on Instagram (or twitter, facebook or a blog) with the hashtag #fmsphotoaday, where you can also check out what photos everyone else has taken.  Simples!

I've seen so many people joining in over the last few months that this month I decided to give it a go!!  I've had so much fun with this little challenge so far, and have been amazed at how much more it's openend my eyes to my surroundings each day.  You should try it - it really makes you think......and is a great way to get creative.

So here is my daily take on January, days 1-15.

January's daily list

Day 1:  TODAY

Today was New Year's Day!  The first day of the month and the first day of the new year.  We were still house sitting for a friend and in this photo the kids are having a ball in the pool, Mr D is cutting the grass and I am "supervising" everyone  (whilst nursing a teeny tiny New Years' Eve hangover).


I'm full of challenges this month!  Something New was my green smoothie challenge for January, which I started on the 2nd of Jan.  We're halfway through the month now and I'm still going strong by the way and really feeling the benefits too.

Day 3:  HEART

I 'heart' this little lady and her gorgeous pink 'tutu' swimmers.  Cute as a button!!


This morning little Miss L decided to wake me up at 5:45am!!!!!!!  I really had to drag myself out of bed to get her but once I stepped out on the balcony and saw this incredible sunrise (with the moon still in the distance) all was forgiven and we sat and watched the view together.


This evening was so incredibly hot that we decided to take an impromptu walk down to the beach at about 7pm for a swim.  The kiddies had so much fun jumping waves!!  You gotta love the randomness and flexibility of school holidays

Day 6:  MINE

My boys doing their good deed for the day by helping our sweet old neighbour trim her hedges.

Day 7:  STREET
This is one for the coolest streets in Collaroy.  It is so steep that it's almost 90 degrees and from the top it has the most incredible view of the Ocean.  It's part of my daily school route and I drive up and down it twice a day every day!!!


This was last Tuesday and the temperature was insane!!  It apparently reached 47 degrees.  A record in Sydney!!

Day 9:  PAPER

Today was my birthday and I was so spoilt with all the beautiful cards the came in the post from my amazing family and friends.


At 1pm today Mr D and I had a lunch date at Cafe Sydney.


This is my local beach and I love it.  The colour of the water was just too beautiful today.


She fell asleep in my arms at the beach and totally surprised me by staying like that for a whole hour.  Most days I wish I could just fall asleep in the sunshine too!!!

Day 13:  CIRCLE
My kitchen clock!  I took this picture as I was so proud of myself for getting the kids in bed and asleep by 7:10pm (a small miracle) that I rewarded myself with a chilled glass of wine.

I actually forgot to look out for something yellow today and only remembered when I popped out in the evening to get some more milk.  These flowers were just asking to be bought - I couldn't possible break my photo a day challenge, so I had to have them.

A very ordinary and very cute moment.  Miss L happily waiting for her daily walk.  She's just like a little puppy and kicks her legs in excitement when I say "walkies!!" because she's knows we're going outside!

If you'd like to join in with the Fat Mum Slim photo a day challenge then click here for all the details!


  1. Great Job, I am doing this too but I will admit I have missed a few days!

  2. Great photos, I really adore the pink tutu!!! Emily

  3. Greta photos Loving your location as well. That beach looks super awesome to swim in.

  4. Beautiful pictures and memories to treasure :)


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