Sunday, 25 November 2012

My week in Pictures! Love Instagram!

Today is the 25th November and that means just one thing!!  Christmas is exactly ONE month away!  Gulp!!!  I have not even started my Christmas preparations yet?  How is everyone else doing??  Organised??  Or hoping that if you close you eyes tight and then open them again, it will all be done??  Actually I am quite looking forward to all the Christmas prep, especially seeing how excited the kids get - thats the best bit!!

Here's my week

Far more organised than mummy!!
Master J and I had 'the chat' this week about whether or not Santa is real.  He is only just 6 and I'm not ready for him not to believe yet.  "Everyone at school says Santa is not real mum!  Did you know he is a fake??"  Double gulp!  "Well...." I say, stalling to think of a good story.  "It's all about what you believe darling" I tell him. "If you believe that Santa is real, then he really is."  "Oh and your friends are also right" I quickly throw in for authenticity, "but they're talking about the Santa in the Mall.  He's just a pretend one as the real Santa lives in the North Pole.  So don't tell Miss H, because she doesn't know yet!!"  Phew!  Lucky save mum.  He bought that one hook, line and sinker!  Well, for another year anyway.  In England we called him "Father Christmas" and in Australia he seems to be called "Santa", so Miss H has decided that he should be called "Santa Christmas".

My little darlings
Homemade salmon and brocoli quiche!!  How clever am I? (and yes, it was made in my kitchen princess, aka the thermomix)
Cute as a button
My daily alarm clock!!  I think he actually stopped and posed for this picture

Exhausted after a full on morning of barbies and fairies with her little BFF
A gorgeous Sunday morning stroll around the Lake
worn out!
A Pelican and a Palm

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