Tuesday, 13 November 2012

And the winner is ............

Thank you so much to everyone who entered Candy Bow's Pretty Christmas Giveaway (Competition can be found here).  I loved reading all about your fabulous Christmas Traditions.  There were some that we already do in our family and some new ones too that we thought we might 'steal', so thanks so much!!

I read all your entries out to Mr D and we just couldn't decide on a winner so I decided to get the kids to help me.  Miss H had her little friend Miss J over for a play-date this morning and they had so much fun choosing the winner for me!!

First of all we cut all the answers up into strips

Then we scrunched them all up into balls and popped them into the magic pink tin.

Then the girls closed their eyes extra tight and the picked a winner!!  Of course I had to have a couple of chocolate Freddie Frogs up my sleeve as prizes for such helpful girls!!

And so our wonderful winner is.............


Eleise's Christmas tradition was "We didn't have many traditions around Christmas, but the one I did love was that someone put the tree up and got our all the decorations.  Then everyone in the family and sometime visitors would get a special drink and decorate the tree together.  Simple coming together of the family."

Congratulations Eleise.  I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas this year and that you enjoy all your Candy Bows.

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