Sunday, 14 October 2012

My week in pictures. Love Instagram!

This week has bee the first week back to school after the holidays and I've been thrown head first back into routine!!  It's been SO busy that by the time I reached Friday night I felt a bit dizzy.  We almost missed the first day of school too as every other term this year the kids have gone back on a Tuesday - but this term it was Monday!!!  Just to throw me out when I finally thought I had cracked the school calendar.  Luckily we made it in on Monday morning after the craziest rush of washing, ironing and packing the uniforms on Sunday night.  That will teach me for leaving everything to the last minute!!  God help me when I have to get three of them ready for a school day.  
Last weekend I went to 'Manly Wines' for a girls lunch/baby shower.  It was a perfect spring day for sipping champagne, watching the Ocean out the window and catching up on girly gossip.
Such a great bar for a lazy Sunday  lunch.  Click here to visit their website: Manly Wine
Caught my girls having a little 'chat' together.  SO CUTE!!  I hope this is a sign that they're going to be best friends as well as sisters.
What's this you say??  A spoon???
 I decided that this was the week that I was going to start introducing Miss L to solids.  She's 21 weeks now and I weaned the other two around 20 weeks, so it's time.  I must say third time round and I'm no where near as stressed or organised about it as I was before.  I thought about getting the book out to do a little 'reading up' on the subject, but decided I had more urgent things to do with my very limited time.  So we're just going to 'wing it' this time round.  On Monday I did a big cook up of apples, pears, carrots and sweet potatoes and froze them all up in ice cube trays all ready to start!  We'll start with lunch and dinner for now - there is no way I'm ready to fit feeding her into my already chaotic breakfast routine!

As you can see - she LOVED it!!

Weather is really starting to warm up now.  Hope it means a hot summer is on it's way.  Well, not too hot please! (Manly Beach)
Such a dude!  
Great ad for "Ben & Jerry's"!  I know I'm biased but LOOK AT THOSE EYES!!
A package arrived in the post this week from England.  The kids just LOVE getting post and were so excited by all the choccie goodies that arrived.  Miss L got this beautiful outfit from my lovely friend Shaney.  Doesn't she look adorable?
Master J has moved up to the "Turtle" class at swim school and is doing so well.  Very proud mummy I was to see him swimming 25m by himself!!
These two little monkeys stole some highlighter pens from the office cupboard and decided to decorate themselves!  Luckily they were caught before anything else got decorated.
My little helper
This week I have also started to get Candy Bows organised for the upcoming Christmas Markets.  Lots to do, but very exciting!!  I will hopefully be featuring at a few Northern Beaches Markets this festive season, including Mona Vale and Palm Beach.  Don't worry I'll keep you all updated!

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