Monday, 24 March 2014

A month of moments LOVE Instagram!

Life during the school term is really just a series of moments.  Routines are in full swing and I always seem to be rushing around with a never ending to-do list.  Here are just a few (ok, quite a few) of my favourite moments from the last month.  They're all taken from my Instagram account which you can follow HERE (if you want to).  Only three weeks left until the school holidays where we can all stop and breathe for while!
Little Miss and her 'hop hop'.  God help us if we loose it!!
Start of the Winter sports.  I have to say I am a little relieved cricket is over - I found it sooo boring.  Rugby is much more fun to watch!
Enjoying the Autumn sunshine :)
Hours of fun with a bucket and a hosepipe
Our little house guests.  They visit us every day for some red apple.  The girls have named them 'bird' and 'rainbow'.
This is just proof that I really am 'running'
sisters :))
Beautiful Palm Beach
A rare moment on the sofa 
cheeky chops!
Peppa is back!!  (We had a break in the middle as Miss H didn't really take to her) but she is back in FULL swing (it's better than Dora so I'm grateful for that)
This ended as badly as it looked!!!!
We've had lots of pretty spectacular thunderstorms of late......must be the end of summer :)
Glued to her little desk - colouring, cutting and looming!! (I take no responsibility for the cat suit though)
My other little style icon - wearing a nappy on her head is a regular occurrence these days!
I'm going to miss swimming lessons when the weather starts to get too cold :(
Wearing orange for Harmony Day at school
Silly selfies 
First time licking the bowl and baking with mummy
Out for a milkshake with me.  It's the only time I get to catch up on essential year 2 gossip.
Joining in with Emily from Have a laugh on me for project #calmdownmum.  You should try it!

Do you have an Instagram account??  Leave me your handle so that I can follow you too.


  1. Some gorgeous images there, lots of happy ones also. Thanks for joining my little project, not sure where it's heading but for now it's hopefully going to help me be less of a cranky pants parent! x

  2. Wonderful series of photos - I love running too and the birds are gorgeous.

    1. They're stunning aren't they and it amazes me how tame they are. They even eat straight out of the kids hands x

  3. There are so many beautiful moments here. I love Instagram too. That shot of your two - the sisters? Swooooon.

    1. Aw thanks Bec. They are very cute together (most of the time) and the little one has a bit of big sister hero worshiping going on xx

  4. I feel the same way about Punky's Blankey Bear, God help us if we lose it!

    Beautiful pics, you have such gorgeous kidlets.

    1. Have you got back ups?? I have three in the cupboard just in case! x

  5. I love the photo of the girls together :)
    We never miss Peppa Pig here (unless we're out) and I'm praying to god she doesn't get into Dora because her voice is so dam annoying!

    1. OMG yes, SO SO annoying. I had a whole year of it when Miss H was obsessed. I've purposely not shown it to Miss L in the hope we can avoid it. xx

  6. Hey lovely, I thought I commented on this not sure what happened. Thanks for the shout out! I love the one of you both poking tongues out! And yes I did wonder how you boy got down - OUCH x

  7. I love IG too. Love the sisters photo, just adorbs. Oh gosh, I missed the Dora thing with Izzy but Summer loves her! Peppa Pig is just the best thing to come out since sliced bread, and Ben and Holly is great too. The makers of these two shows are so darn clever :)

    1. Oh yes, we love Ben and Holly too. I just wish the episodes were longer than 10 or 15n minutes!! xx


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