Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Some overdue sunshine with my little flower picker

The sun came out this morning! Actual, proper, blue sky, yellow ball sunshine, for the first time in ages (I must have turned into an honorary Aussie as it's only been just over a week of rain and I've been having terrible withdrawals).  After dropping the big kids at school and Kindy, filling up with petrol, getting my pink slip done (MOT for those who've never heard of pink slip) and a few other bla bla jobs, I decided not to bother going home to continue with the mountain of washing and all the other boring house jobs.  Instead I thought I'd take Miss L (who had been patiently melting in the back of the car) out for a walk.  She was absolutely delighted to be outside and ran around in circles for the first five minutes.
It was a slow start because she found the water!

Picking flowers

We saw a friend who took a photos for us x

I hope you're having a happy Wednesday.  If not, try and step out of your routine for a moment - it's awesome!!

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  1. Great photos. Love the cheeky one with the sign, too cute!!

  2. What a sweet little girl :) Stunning photos on a glorious day!

  3. I agree it is awesome to step out of routine and get out in the sun and beautiful surroundings. Does the world of good. That looks like the awesomest place to do it too :)

  4. Hey gorgeous - sometimes it's just best to go with the flow and enjoy the day. Looks like a smashing day for all! xx

  5. The washing and any chores can wait! Have to make the most of a beautiful day! It looks spectacular!

  6. Aren't spontaneous moments just the best?! Beautiful images xx

  7. She is absolutely gorgeous!! And that looks like a much more enjoyable day than doing washing!!!! :-)

  8. What a gorgeous girl! And your day looks much more enjoyable than doing washing!!! :-)


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